"Five Cool Prizes"

60 Second Radio

ANNCR: Are you breathing? Do you like to do cool things? Hmm? Are you 15 or older and live in Washington? Well, all right, then you're already eligible to enter a Levi's Sweepstakes! You see, it works like an ordinary sweepstakes, except for one thing: No toaster ovens, waffle irons, matched sets of luggage. Hm-mm ... you got it ... no dumb prizes! Just five cool prizes. Now check this out. Number one. You can hang with your friends at the MTV Video Music Awards. Two. Play a little round ball with a pro basketball star. Three. Pull some G's in a supersonic jet. Four. Jam with a favorite band. Or five. Go on your own excellent adventure. It's the Levi's FIVE COOL PRIZES Sweepstakes. If you don't enter before November 26th, you won't win. So call 1-800-934-5000 to find out where to enter. Do it now. No purchase is necessary and be sure and read all the rules and regulations. Remember, there's no dumb prizes in the Levi's FIVE COOL PRIZES Sweepstakes. This offer is void where prohibited and to the inhibited.

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