"The Mechanic"

60 Second Radio

STORYTELLER: Forrest gripped the wrench and carefully turned the brass coupling on the fuel line of the silver gray sedan. His prone body felt the quiet footsteps on the concrete before he heard their unmistakable echo. He froze. As he stared from beneath the car, two dark shadows formed on the painted brick wall. They slowed and headed towards him. He eased the heavy wrench into the pocket of his coveralls and slid out from under the car. He stood. Cold trickles of sweat channeled down the nape of his neck. The triangular glow of the ceiling lamp drenched him as he turned to face them. The taller of the two men spoke first: "We saw you ad in the Yellow Pages. Can you tune an old Morgan?"

ANNCR: Make sure customers can find you, advertise in the book that's read two and half million times a day -- a best seller called the Pacific Bell Smart Yellow Pages.

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